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Tencent Institute of Games was founded in Dec. 2016 and aims to become the prime platform for sharing gaming knowledge and promoting communication within the industry. Its missions include cultivating professional talents, conducting gaming R&D and creating an ecosystem for game developers. Through collaborations with local and international universities in gaming education, various academic events, competitions, industrial conferences, developer-supporting activities and diverse game-related courses, etc. Tencent Institute of Games vows to create more possibilities for the gaming industry. Any communication or business inquiries, please contact us at gameinstitutereport@tencent.com.

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What We Are Doing

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    We commit ourselves to building and consolidating basic competence in the game industry, promoting the educational and professional development of China’s game industry together with experts in industry and academia.

  • Industrial Exchange

    Industrial Exchange

    To build an open communication platform that shares experience among peers in the hope that leading experts and scholars from both domestic and foreign game industries can share their latest R&D advances, industrial and academic development trends, findings for supporting game developers in promoting the development of the game industry and explore further possibilities for the game industry.

  • Game Without Borders

    Games Without Borders

    We are fully committed to providing game developers with expert guidance, technology support, investment support and publishing support, in order to help teams solve problems they may encounter during the production process. Teams are free to submit their games here, at any time.

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    Provides game developers with a comprehensive approach towards professional knowledge and growth, helping them to enhance their game making abilities.

Key Events
  • Tencent Game Developers Conference

    Tencent Game Developers Conference

  • Tencent Games Creative Competition

    Tencent Creative Games Competition

  • Interactive Media Design and Technology Center

    Interactive Media Design and Technology Center

  • GWB Game Awards 2022

    GWB Game Awards 2022

They Are Here

Chen Rulong

Tencent Institute of Games is where you can see your dreams take off as well as enjoy different game development experiences. Right here, you'll focus on study and creating joy.

Chen Rulong (Zhejiang University)

Wu Yifeng

It's different from conventional lectures that give you no insights. You get first-hand experience in the game-making process and can meet friends with the same mindset here.

Wu Yifeng (Peking University)

Li Mingyu

Within a short period of a few months, the Institute has offered me a chance at rapid growth and allowed me to take a critical step into the game industry.

Li Mingyu(Peking University)

Miao Shujin

I'm delighted to make lots of friends and know the warm-hearted tutors in these few months. Now I know more about the design process and have gained traction in my long-cherished entrepreneurship project.

Miao Shujin (Beijing Film Academy)

Zhu Diwei

In the public course on game programming, I gained further understanding of the R&D process in the game industry. I would like to say "thank you" to the Institute, for allowing us to gain knowledge prior to our entry into the game industry.

Zhu Diwei (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Li Zilong

I've gained an overall understanding regarding game conceptualization, design and the realization process, and I firmly believe that a good game can make our lives better.

Li Zilong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Shi Zhaoyang

To Tencent Institute of Games, thank you! Games have changed the world and my dream is to design and develop a great game.

Shi Zhaoyang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Pu Yudi

I've gained a systematic understanding of game design and I've been highly impressed by the hardships and game maker's efforts in a game.

Pu Yudi (Tsinghua University)

Gu Xiang

A door to game design has been opened for me. I wish Tencent Institute of Games a better future ahead and hope more game lovers will develop into game makers!

Gu Xiang (Tsinghua University)

Gong Haixiang

The patient guidance here has helped me look at special effects in a new light. Thank you for this learning platform and the opportunity.

Gong Haixiang(Jilin Animation Institution)

Yang Gang

I have gained a holistic image towards game programs through my systematic learning process and a clearer understanding of my role in game development.

Yang Gang (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Zhang Zhipeng

In the campus tour launched by Tencent Institute of Games, I gained a chance to enter the mysterious world of game design for the first time. Now I have bigger expectations towards my future job in the game making industry.

Zhang Zhipeng (Fudan University)

Our Partners

Tencent Cloud
  • 清华大学
  • 北京大学
  • 北京师范大学
  • 中国人民大学
  • 上海交通大学
  • 浙江大学
  • 中国美术学院
  • 电子科技大学
  • 华南理工大学
  • 华中科技大学
  • 南京大学
  • 哈尔滨工业大学
  • 广州美术学院
  • 中国科学院
  • 中国科技大学
  • 中山大学
  • 西安理工大学
  • 新加坡国立大学
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  • 香港城市大学
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